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Friday, 16 November 2012

When Result SPM 2013 Will Be Announced?

Is SPM crucial enough?

Straight A's in PMR, SPM, A Level, O Level 2013!

tip untuk berjaya

Dr. Fadilah Kamsah: An astounding motivator

Hello my eminent readers!

May God bless you before now and forever indeed!

This is what I am trying to convey

SPM is simply saying Malaysia Certificate Examination.
Is it important?
Of course it is very essential as
it shows you a few different ways afterwards.
All these kind of famous questions
might be lingering in your head now.

Where will you be pursuing in your tertiary level of education?
What will be happening if the candidate does not perform well
in the examination?
Do you really want to read Medicine?
Do you passionate continuing your studies in oversea?

This is my story

I was one of MRSM students. Like people first impressing towards us, no wonder such outstanding paid off result surely would be in hand. It had proven I got at least straight As in my SPM. Praise to Allah. Blatantly speaking I am not gifted or genius or what so ever that might be my friends thinking of. I was bestowed such kind of finding because of my extraordinary efforts  I put in a couple of years before the most agitated SPM coming. With the unflagging supports, multitudinous exercises, relentless prays, at last I could seal my ultimate mission and sweeter make my both beloved parents on the top of the world. I could feel my greatest satisfaction once holding my own SPM slip exposing ten As in every single subject I took. Plus I was announced as one of best students in my boarding school. Never cross in my mind to show off instead realising social responsibility i have to pour a word or two of motivations for my brilliant juniors. I am always holding two marvellous astonishing sentences of principles.

There will always be people are WORSE than us

There will always be people are BETTER than us

Kindly reminder, on one hand we think we are smart enough but do not forget there are million people out there are smarter than us. On other hand if we think we are idiot but do remember there are more people are less fortunate than us.
Here I catalogued a few practicable tips that might help you to achieve flying colours results in your every single quiz, test or exam that will you be facing.
  • Seek your main premier problems that might be a handicap to excel your victory
  • Plan your study time by sketching your own flexible schedule
  • Review your notes regularly and coherently to reinforce your new found knowledge
  • Activate your group discussion at least 3 to 4 students to ensure there is no misleading discussions.
  • Do ask your teachers or smarter friends regarding your unsolved problems
  • There is no inevitable clandestine success without ample respected prayers to the solely Creator.


  1. fail..first attempt in about many fails?so,hundred thousand attempt in learning.