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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Scholarships in Malaysia for SPM leavers 2013

Scholarships for Medicine 2013 for SPM leavers!

how was your results? Surely you are here for an one and only reason of seeking for scholarships 
that available for you. By the way, Congratulation for getting flying colours result in your trial or real SPM 2012! 

Just after SPM result was announced, I was applying almost all eligible scholarships that available that time. Unfortunately, for SPM leavers who are planning to take medicine course in overseas and dreaming to be a doctor someday it is quite difficult and competitive plus not all scholarships offering medicine course. Based on what I know medicine course is only eligible for top 30 SPM students and automatically would be JPA scholars. Based on my fruitful experiences, I got interviews at least from all my applications. At last I put myself in trouble as I needed to choose only one of them. The right decision making and critical situation were getting worse and harder when a few interviews would be held at the same date and of course at the same day but definitely at different places. I got prestigious well known Axiata Scholarship, Majlis Amanah Rakyat MARA, Yayasan Sime Darby, Yayasan Tenaga Nasional YTN, Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera YPPB, Petronas, Astro, JPA, Felda Global and much more.

Dear my brilliant juniors, 

I am here happily would like to share with you what I think important during attending an interview. What I did last couple years, to be blatant every single interview would be assessed differently. You cannot take this for granted. You need to be fully prepared yourself mentally and intellectually though. There is no other ways to master in English. Start speaking in English with your friends, relatives and your communities or if they are not helping at all, you can speak in front of mirror and start talking to yourself about anything. I cannot assist you to be a knowledgeable student except keep getting to know about current issues by reading a lot. Literally to minimise the scope what topics that you really need to master in is issues rely on your course. For simple example, you get an interview from MARA for medicine course, you have to  know current issues regarding your course such as what differences between studying medicine in local or abroad. A few interviews demand the problem-based solving skills, an ability to develop high level communication skills and most importantly to be highlighted your far-sighted vision skills whether you have potential to predict your future.

For JPA interview,
What I had gone through there were three parts. First part candidates would be given a topic about anything concerning Malaysia either multiracial cultures, fantastic local delicacy, new born high technologies, and much more.You need to discuss this given issue in group and you would be judged on the ability to solve the facing problem and the way you come out with a solid decision that agreed by all members. No matters how, you have to express yourself as a good leader and at meantime as a good follower. For second part, you would be given a topic and making a decision towards the topic and using English as medium of conversation. Just friendly reminders, try to be  your own self and do not ever pretend to be somebody else. Last part was one to one conversation it would be in English or Malay relying on your interviewers as if they were asking you in English, you need to reply a well organised and mature enough answer in English.

Mara - Loan or Scholarship? 

I know it is a must question that might be rummaging around your mind. Mara what I know they have been stopping from giving full scholarship to their scholars instead they have been changing the basis to convertible loans. It means you need to pay back just after finishing your studies. It is definitely relying on your pointer or merit. Let's say your total pointer CGPA 3.50 and above you have to pay at least 10 percent or 15 percent from your loan if  I am not mistaken. You can choose your planning course regarding your current results. There would be a standard list of courses and universities that you can make a choice. Mara is very demanding for students to apply a few new courses that promising well paid job and well experienced career such as Business and Management, Biotechnology, Engineering, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, and much more. 

Usually they will be opening the applications twice in a year. First wave they exclusively open to Mara students or MRSM students by using Trial Mara Result. This small group would be joining the respective universities or colleges in a special designed programme known as Fast Track programme. Second wave of course just a few days after SPM result being announced they would open the application through on-line. Last year what I noticed duo JPA and Mara collaborated together by combining the application system, shortly saying they were using the same medium of application/form. For students who are planning to apply both JPA and Mara your plan should be vanished! You need to choose either one. Think of your right choice now! If you are interested in engineering you rather choose JPA or if your childhood dream fantasising to be a doctor I'm suggesting Mara is the right choice as long as you are fulfilling the requirements needed.


Candidly I am an former Mara Scholar and now fully sponsored by a brand new scholarship that is YPPB. I'm grateful to be selected as one of the YPPB's scholars. I am reading A level at KYUEM intending to further my studies in medicine. Hopefully.




  1. Salam.

    " Just friendly reminders, try to be your own self and do not ever pretend to be somebody else ".

    ~Could you please explain more regarding that statement of yours?


    1. read my answer below...I am hoping your question answered well.

  2. Wasalam
    I'm glad to answer yours.
    what I meant is during discussion or presentation session... if you are a good leader or a loyal follower..give chances to others to project their opinions regarding the discussing topic..control not conquer the show...yes you can be a dominant speaker but showing your tolerance towards others. in the meantime avoiding from being passive presenter...what I did last interview was I detected one of our group members was passive enough...when I was conducting the discussion and presentation I directly asked him to give an idea by uttering his showed you are a good leader though!

  3. Salam, can you suggest scholarship that offer Medicine in overseas? i had apply for MARA and YPPB..I'm really worry right now because it is so competitive now as there are more students who got excellent result...

    1. wasalam....if I'm not mistaken the only companies that offering medicine course are Mara and YPPB unless you are listed in top 30 of best spm students for 2013! you can choose whatever course you really want to pursue. based on my true experience i did apply a few scholarships but most of them are private. by the way are you eagerly wanting to do medicine overseas?I'm curious to know.....share the same interests is some time interesting...congratulation!

  4. salam...i'm currently searching for scholarships to pursue A-level medicine or Australia Matriculation in order to further study in medicine overseas but i cant find any....can you suggest any scholarships that offer the programmes above?? n plus does international baccalaureate is the same as foundation or A-level????? and is it true that YPPB scholarships are only eligible for applicants with household income less than RM 3000???? thanks :)

    1. wasaalam...i'm glad to answer your questions to what extent i! too many question marks hah..they mean u are really want to know huh.. where to begin..first of all,pertaining differences between Alevel and far as i know...i am doing A level at Kyuem and i have few buddies doing Ib at kolej mara banting renowned it seems huge dissimilarities between them. firstly, in term of subjects taken, A level requires 3 to 4 subjects only whilst ib if i'm not wrong more than 6 subjects...secondly, there is flexibility in choosing subjects if you are supposing to study A level....taking medicine for example...required subjects are must A grade chemistry, mathematics and either biology or physics as a third subject...depends on your universities...some university demands a fourth do your own research on this...for Ib you have no choice, you need to study the way, if we measure on depth of studying..i suppose even though A level seems to take only 3 or 4 subjects but we learn deeper. you do not require you to carry so much research. for Ib, you can not run from undertaking your own personal research. must be guanine though!what else...moving to the next question..scholarship question...i deem i had mentioned before..but it's try to scroll up and read the previous more question to be answered..verdict!indeed the household income must be rm3000 or below plus you should have outstanding leadership skills..and some i answering your questions...can be understood! further details you can further drop some comment or reply..i will my best to clarify your uncertainties..